Pricing For 2018

Square footage,additional structures and tenancy determine the Inspection Fee

Inspection fees not collected on the day of the inspection will be charged the Base Fee.  Examples include when billing through PayPal, when the fee is billed to an escrow account or when the customer is sending a check at a later date.

When payment is made on the day of the inspection with a personal check, business check or money order the customer receives a discount.

When payment is made on the day of the inspection with “green money” cash the customer receives a larger discount.

Detached garages, shops or outbuildings are an additional $30 each to cover the additional time to inspect.

Additional fees are assessed for multiple tenancy properties (ie Duplex, Apartment, multiple buildings).

Call for pricing over 4,000 square feet.

The Basic Inspection listed on the order form has a different format than the Premium Inspection and there are no discounts for check or cash.  It is a flat fee inspection and limited to buildings up to 1,600 square feet and excludes detached buildings.

Page updated: December 28, 2017