Why Professional Realtors say they will continually refer us to their Clients



January 10, 2017
“Rick is an excellent home inspector. He is punctual and very through when he inspects a home. Rick goes the extra mile to research an item or concern to make sure that the client is getting the best knowledge and information when they are buying a home. He never rushes through to get to his next appointment. He works like me, By Referral, and explains the inspection in detail to his clients. He takes pride in his work. He can be reached at www.homeinspectorinc.com. I have been helping people buy and sell homes for over 28 years and have hired many companies to inspector homes. Rick is one of the best. “


Agent review

agent review

Agent review

Agent review


Top Real Estate professionals know they need to recommend vendors who have their client’s best interest in mind.  12 years of experience and dozens of Yelp and Google 5-Star reviews prove this is exactly how I have built my reputation.

Every so often we ask our Realtor contacts to answer a brief survey. Here are some of the comments they have provided.

Appreciate the one on one contact with buyers and sellers.

“This home inspector does a thorough and complete job on identifying home issues and future concerns for respective Buyers. I have always been very satisfied with Rick Daniel’s detailed observations and his willingness to review all issues with the Buyers directly. His report format is written in layman’s terms for easy comprehension. I would highly recommend his home inspection service for any of my future escrows. I trust his opinion.”

Randi G.

Over lap of inspection discoveries helps create a clear picture of the condition

Buyers and sellers can ask questions

Report format is easy to read and understand

Report format saves time when pulling key facts out

Peace of mind knowing a knowledgeable person has looked the property over

The information distributes and reduces liability

You provide an order of magnitude as to how large or small a problem might be

You recognize that old houses are “old.”

You do not over or understate any particular condition

Some issues are normal and just need to be considered

You are very good with the buyers when answering their questions and providing information.

People know what they are getting when you are done

You build too much rapport with the client. 
(I am not sure what to do about that)

Thorough investigation even on “As Is” properties help clients to budget for repairs

“Rick Daniel is a very professional home inspector. He points out things that are of concern, but does not go over the top as some inspection companies do and really scare the buyer. He is extremely thorough, probably does one of the longest inspections I have seen. But then better to be thorough. Rick takes lots of pictures so that the buyer can view any issues that come up. I believe Rick’s home inspections are a great value and he will try to accomodate your schedule. Give him a call today, you will thank me later!”

Christine R.

Peace of mind knowing the structure is basically sound, even if the building is rough

The buyers can read and understand the report.

The report is not loaded with technical verbiage

You usually get an inspection done “yesterday.” That is very helpful

Emailed PDF reports and follow up with a hard copy is great

You get the report out fast

You don’t slow the process down by waiting for a signed contract
(We had to change this old policy to comply with insurance regulations.)

The photos help out of town buyers more clearly understand a concern

The discovery of problems, or lack of, help alleviate stress and concern

Former purchasers insisted you inspect their new purchase

Your dedication and thoroughness have gained you respect

You make me look good with your good reports

Your inspection of the garage door was a bit “overzealous” but I would recommend you again.
(I bent a garage door during the autostop-reverse test. I bought the client two new matching garage doors.)

When you make a mistake, you get it taken care of fast and don’t pass it off

You respond quickly to requests

Your accurate and representative reports arrive quickly

You are willing to visit and answer former clients questions long after the report is done

“Absolutely the best! Rick Daniel is thorough and professional. He knows his stuff, and is able to communicate clearly with buyers and sellers. His reports are complete and easy to read, including photos to illustrate the items noted. I’m an experience Realtor, so I’ve worked with lots of different inspectors. Rick is always my first choice. My clients trust him, as do I.”

Cher W.

Another realtor who is highly respected recommended you

Referred by a former buyer with a with high recommendation

The summary pages are very important and helpful

You reduce my liability with your information. I would rather lose an escrow than end up in court.

If the house is bad, I will just find them another house

The sense of security and peace of mind is invaluable